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As Supervisor, my mission is to improve on the best our township has to offer, while ensuring honest, experienced, and professional leadership for our hardworking taxpayers.

I was asked to be apart of the Uptown Redevelopment Taskforce for the City of Park Ridge when I was 15 years old and ever since I have been a part of the Economic Development Taskforce, the Youth Commission, Chief of Police Advisory Council, and numerous other Boards and Commissions. For 25 years I have always believed that volunteering my time to my community allows me to help shape its development and future success – and will continue to believe that together we can continue moving Elgin Township forward.

I moved to Elgin because of the sense of community that I’ve always felt while visiting friends and for its rich culture and history – a true hidden gem. 

"Political campaigns" often time have a bad reputation - candidates will say anything to get you to vote for them and then *poof* they are gone.  I want to change how you interact with your elected officials.  I welcome conversations at any time.  Come knock on my door or call me (during dinner) because, in the end, it's the discussion that matters.  

I would be honored to have your support as Elgin Township Supervisor because you - and our community - deserve the best.

Franklin F. Ramirez

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